Wyong Hospital Redevelopment - Wyong, NSW, Australia

The NSW Government has committed $200 million to the Wyong Hospital Redevelopment. The redevelopment will deliver a range of improved and expanded infrastructure and services to the growing community and surrounding areas, including new:

  • Emergency Department
  • Increased intensive care services
  • Pediatric services
  • Inpatients beds
  • Additional operating theatre
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ambulatory services
  • Additional car parking

Why Distech Controls technology?

ControlWorks worked with HVAC to engineer and install a Building Management System (BMS) using Distech Controls EC-Net4. The ControlWorks BMS solution can report in real-time the temperature conditions in each of the building zones. Hospital maintenance staff can then access the BMS to monitor and change as desired.

Our scope of work is based upon the LCI Consulting Engineers specification, it includes the following:

  • Distech Eclypse native BACnet over IP control system
  • Distech Controls Eclypse native BACnet over IP control system partnered with a Niagara 4 Supervisor Server and Graphics package provided on a desktop workstation
  • All Heating & Cooling water control valves are Pressure Independent. In addition, the flushing valve setups have been included for all PICV valves up to 32mm
  • High-level interface to electrical meters and breakers
  • High- and low-level interface monitoring to other services such as fire services points, pneumatic tubing systems, blood fridges, water meters, gas meters & lifts
  • Monthly maintenance during DLP

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 02DI-MPLHC10-00 1
  • 07CBL-ECLYPSE6HD1590 1
  • CDIY-16DI-00          3
  • CDIY-303M3-SI-01 1
  • CDIY-303-SI-01       7
  • CDIY-8DOR-00        5
  • CDIY-8UI6UO-00    7
  • CDIY-PS24-00          9
  • CDIY-PTU203SI-00 4
  • CDIY-S1000-00        5
  • CDIY-S1028-00        1
  • CDIY-S1048-00        1
  • CDIY-VAXXX-SI-00 5
  • PDIDS-HC10-00      1
  • PDIDS-HC7-00         2
  • Various software licenses


  • Owner: NSW State Government - Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD)
  • System Integrator: ControlWorks
  • Architect: HDR
  • Mechanical Contractor: HVAC Australia
  • Builder: Richard Crookes Construction
  • Design Engineer: LCI Consulting Engineers
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