BPC Pole, Paris-Saclay University, France

The University of Paris-Saclay's Biology, Pharmacy and Chemistry cluster opened at the start of the 2022 academic year. It covers 85,000 m² on two sites: IDEEV (Institut Diversité Ecologie et Evolution du Vivant), home to 400 researchers, and the Henri Moissan site (Métro), home to the Faculty of Pharmacy and its 4,600 students.

Why Distech Controls?                                                

The specifications for this center included a programmable terminal control solution to adapt to the management needs of the numerous amphitheaters and classrooms. The solution's multi-protocol openness was also an essential criterion, as the site's supervision was of the Niagara type.

The customer therefore chose Distech Controls' BMS solutions for both the terminal control and the technical rooms.

Solutions installed:

  • ECLYPSE connected modular controllers - ECY-S1000
  • LONWORKS ECL-PTU controllers

Stakeholders :

  • Systems integrator: EREA
  • General contractor: Bouygues Construction
  • Client: Université Paris-Sud
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