Agronutris Plant, France

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Agronutris, a French biotechnology company specialising in the breeding and processing of insects for animal feed, has inaugurated its new plant in 2022.

Why the Distech Controls solution?

This 16,000 m² plant required a room management system with climate, temperature and humidity control. The specifications also included an open solution that could communicate with the supervision system using multiple protocols. This has now been achieved thanks to the ECY-S1000 controllers for plant rooms: they are modular, flexible and scalable. The HORYZON-C10 touch screens make it possible to consult key information at a glance. Their IP connectivity enables real-time communication with the equipment room management system, for unrivalled responsiveness.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 8 ECLYPSE connected modular controllers - ECY-S1000
  • 8 capacitive multi-touch displays with IP connectivity - HORYZON-C10

Stakeholders :

  • Systems integrator: EREA
  • Installer: AXIMA
  • Investor and owner: AGRONUTRIS

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