St. Columba's School - Kilmacolm, UK

Why Distech Controls Technology?

The School has recently completed the construction of a new building and West Coast Controls was tasked with renovating the heating system across the campus as well as ensuring the BMS was working at optimum capacity. The ECLYPSE platform installed by West Coast Controls created an integrated system that controls both the Air Source Heat Pumps and Boiler Plant to provide efficient heat generation.Enter content here

“We are delighted with the completed project. With the new BMS system in place, we can effectively monitor our energy usage and ensure the operation of the campus buildings is as efficient as possible.”

- Alasdair McGregor, Facilities Manager at St. Columba’s School

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

  • ECLYPSE Connected Controller Series
  • ENVYSION, a web-based graphic design and visualisation interface

“We decided to install Distech Controls ECLYPSE controllers on this project for many reasons. It is open to BACnet which allows the ECLYPSE to easily connect to the rest of the BMS. It is also a cost-effective solution that provides uniformity across the campus, which allowed us to remove other periphery control systems for ease of use and future-proofing future works/installs with an open protocol system. The ECLYPSE controllers are also easy to configure. This saves us time and the flexibility of the products meant we could satisfy the needs of the school.”

- Alan Macdonald, Director at West Coast Controls


Building Owner: St. Columba's School 

System Integrator: West Coast Controls​


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