Bangor Savings Bank - Portland, ME

Why Distech Controls Technology?

As both the landlord and an active tenant at 280 Fore St. in Portland, Maine, Bangor Savings Bank required a solution that allowed them to tie lighting, shades and HVAC together in a sustainable and user-friendly manner for its Class A tenants in the heart of Portland, ME.

Additionally, they wanted to provide another level of accessibility by allowing tenants to have full control of their personal zones and conference rooms through a smart app that wouldn’t compromise network security. 

In Class A office spaces, esthetics are just as important as sustainability. The traditional approach of integrating a lighting control and shade control solution together into a BMS would have involved different systems through multiple vendors and left the tenants and the client with redundant technologies to accomplish energy savings sequences like daylight harvesting.     

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:  

After consulting with Maine Controls, the client choose to install a Smart Room Control System, that utilized both the Allure UNITOUCH room sensor along with the my PERSONIFY mobile app by Distech Controls

See the video!


System Integrator: Maine Controls

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