Implid HQ, Lyon, France

In 2019, the consultancy firm IMPLID undertook a full renovation of its historic headquarters located in the 6th arrondissement in Lyon. There are now 5600 m² of office space available to the people working there, redesigned with a clear objective in mind. IMPLID wanted this to be more than just a commercial building that complied with the latest regulatory obligations - it needed to be an exemplary site from an environmental point of view. The company’s director confirmed this: “People are at the heart of this place, but nature is right there too.”

The specifications also stipulated that the building needed to have BREEAM Excellent certification. To achieve this, we focused on various aspects of comfort: thermal, visual, acoustic and air quality.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The aim of the project was to take the opportunity offered by this full renovation of the building to set up a streamlined, state-of-the-art building management system to guarantee comfort for its occupants. Thanks to our multi-functional ECLYPSE solution (managing HVAC, blinds and lighting) and our ECLYPSE solution for managing equipment rooms, the building has a dual native BACnet/IP and RESTful API protocol. This makes it possible to envisage scaling up the site without technical constraints on the building management systems architecture, but also being able to add occupant services at a later date.

IMPLID also wanted to provide wireless remote controls, with a clean design, matching the building’s modern architecture, as well as a mobile app for building users to be able to manage their comfort. Distech Controls was able to fulfill these requirements using the Allure UNIWAVE remote control and the my Personify app.

Our multi-functional solution also meant we could implement an energy control strategy: lower and smarter energy consumption while guaranteeing comfort for the office building’s occupants.

Solutions fitted in the building:

  • 230 connected ECLYPSE controllers for ECY-PTU-207 terminal units
  • 230 ECx-Light-4DALI lighting expansion modules
  • 230 EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE multi-sensors
  • 50 Allure UNIWAVE remote controls for occupants
  • 17 ECY-S1000 ECLYPSE connected modular controllers with ECY-MBUS communication modules
  • EC-Net 4 Supervisor software
  • ENVYSION – Web interface for graphic design and visualization


  • Fitting out: AXIMA
  • Project management: EGIS
  • Real-estate developer: em2c
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