Clairval Hospital, Marseille, France

The Clairval hospital in Marseille is a private hospital run by the company Ramsay Santé. It has 16,300 m2 of treatment space divided into six key areas, 4700 m2 of which is the extension built between 2017 and 2020. With this extension, the hospital has been able to bring in new patient services and now boasts 415 beds, an extended surgical wing with six new operating theaters as well as a brand-new out-patient department.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The hospital chose Distech Controls for the extension for a number of reasons, not least because it found Distech Controls’ know-how in the health sector to be very reassuring.

It specifically opted for the ECLYPSE S1000 solution to manage the technical aspects of its air handling units in the operating theaters, recovery rooms and post-operative observation stations. It was critically important that the products adapt to how the hospital needed to fit and program them and Distech Controls’ reliability was a key criterion for the client.

For patient comfort, each room has its own temperature control settings using the Allure EC-Smart-Comfort. This communicating sensor is directly linked to an ECY-PTU controller so that the patient can select to decrease the temperature in warm or cold mode, at the speed they want and choose the operating mode. Naturally, all of this is monitored by the central BMS that ensures that the unit returns to ideal operating settings every four hours.

The central BMS has been updated for the switch to the EC-Net 4 and retains the same level of power without the need for a revision of the existing units from previous renovation tranches.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 162 ECLYPSE Connected Terminal Units – ECY-PTU
  • 162 interconnected Allure EC-Smart-Comfort sensors
  • 18 connected modular ECY-S1000 ECLYPSE controllers
  • EC-Net 4 Supervisor software


  • System integrator: ASI
  • Maintenance: Dalkia
  • Installer: Dalkia – Construction Department & Sogetha
  • Site Management: Ramsay Santé
  • Engineering office: TFPI
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