Atlantica Mare Village - Paphos, Cyprus

With magnificent sea views over the Mediterranean sea, Atlantica Mare Village Paphos is the ideal hotel for the summer holidays. Rated as a 5-star hotel this hotel includes separate suites, private pools, a spa, a water park, and external and internal swimming pools. 

Why Distech Controls technology?

An Eclypse connected system was used for this project, because of the IP connectivity, directly on the hotel’s infrastructure system. The ability to connect the local controllers (ECY-303M6) to the Modbus electricity meters was an important factor for this project. There were 22 clusters, scattered around the main building, and required the ability to monitor electricity, water consumption, and control hot water cylinders, fans, and external lights. The ECY-S1000 was used to communicate with refrigerators and FCUs thermostats through Modbus. Finally, EC-Net 4 was used to gather all this information on a central station, with remote monitoring.

Solutions installed in the building:

  • 1  EC-Net 4 Supervisor
  • 10 ECY-S1000
  • 25 ECY-303-M6
  • 32 ECY-TU-203
  • 45 ECY I/O modules


  • Owner – Atlantica hotels and resorts
  • Architects – Vafeades & Vafeades architects - engineers
  • Mechanical consultant – DDA Mechanical Consulting Engineers LLC
  • Building contractor – MULTIBUILT Ltd Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Mechanical contractor – ZAK PROPERTY HOLDINGS LTD
  • BMS contractor – Comfort Reliance Engineering Co.Ltd
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