Pacnet Data Center - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Pacnet is Asia’s leading independent telecommunications service provider, offering a network of interconnected data centers across Asia, to meet the hosting needs of carriers and enterprises with three data halls planned for the site. 

Why Distech Controls technology?

The project needed a building automation system designed to allow for future expansion for the addition of 2 other skating rings. Distech Controls solutions were the best fit for the project requirements. 

Solutions installed in the building:

  • EC-NetAX web-based multi-protocol building management solution for the integration and:
  • Control and monitoring of HVAC equipment throughout the building inclusive of data hall CRAC units
  • Monitoring of fire trip alarms
  • Multi-function meters
  • Main switchboard fault and condition statuses
  • Monitoring of DRUPS units
  • Maintaining optimum temperature and humidity levels
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