Medical biology division at the CHU hospital - Reims, France

The territorial medical biology division is for all laboratory activities at Reims CHU hospital. It can receive samples from the surrounding territories 24/7.

Its many modern and high-performing machines, together with qualified teams with recognized specialties, carry out multi-disciplinary testing.

Why Distech Controls technology?

The building’s design principles, which combine innovation and a goal to improve quality of life, take into account current and future health needs. To meet these needs, it was essential that we set up a reliable and progressive building management system from the start. Our ECLYPSE solution – which is based on the BACnet/IP open protocol for the regulation of terminal units and heat production – was able to meet the Medical Biology division’s specifications.

Fitting ECY-S1000 controllers meant the medical biology department could manage its heat production. Some of the ECY-PTU controllers are for the convector fans in the offices while others adjust units in the ORs. This solution guarantees stable and precise temperature regulation, which is vital in keeping a hospital “healthy”. Adding HORYZON-C touchscreens meant technical installations could be managed locally using the onboard ENVYSON imagery.

The hospital has been fitted with various interconnected Distech Controls sensors including humidity, CO2, and temperature sensors. These solutions offer the most efficient and secure method of control over HVAC equipment.

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

  • 274 connected ECLYPSE controllers for ECY-PTU terminal units
  • 246 interconnected Allure EC-Smart-Comfort sensors
  • 10 interconnected Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensors
  • 9 HORYZON-C9 touchscreens
  • 9 connected modular ECY-S1000 controllers


  • System integrator and installator: AXIMA (ENGIE SOLUTIONS)
  • General contractor: CARI THOURAUD
  • Project management: EGIS
  • Real-estate developer and investor: Reims CHU hospital


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