Le Phoenix, Lemay Headquarters - Montreal, Canada

As the headquarters of the design firm Lemay in Montreal, this unique building represents the pinnacle of sustainable development. The integration of this sustainable philosophy in all stages of the construction project including the operation of the building makes it a model for future buildings that will become part of the green revival movement.

Net-zero was the original objective of this project, however new goals emerged during the project, according to Hugo Lafrance, Director, Sustainable Strategies at Lemay. Le Phoenix targeted a certification that has not yet been officially launched, known as the Sustainable Building Council of Canada's Zero Carbon Building certification, which aims to not only minimize operational carbon, which is energy-related but also reduce the intrinsic carbon associated with the use of materials.

The design of the Phoenix provided an opportunity to further and refine the application of our clear positive approach, which included three main areas: occupant health; protecting the environment, and reducing carbon emissions.

It is in this process that obtaining a Fitwel certification was added to the objectives guiding the design of the project. This standard, it should be noted, includes more than 55 design and operational strategies based on the well-being of the occupants, primarily their health. They are divided into 12 sections, including location, access to the building, outdoor spaces, indoor environment, and workspaces

Why Distech Controls Technology?

The unique mechanical design proposed for the Phoenix required extensive control strategies to ensure the synergy and performance of all HVAC systems. The Distech Controls solutions were chosen for this project primarily because of their reliability and performance and were the best choice for the scope of this project. 

Distech Controls Solutions Installed:

1 x EC-Net Supervisor
1 x EC-BOS
1 x ECLYPSE Connected System Controller (ECY-S1000)
2 x ECB-300 Series
4 x ECB-400 Series
4 x ECB-203 Series
23 x ECB-103 Series
26 x ECB-VAV Series


Martin Roy and Associates were aided by ACCS's building intelligence specialists for this project. 

Building Operations: Le Groupe Mach
System Integrator: Le Group ACCS 

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