Incity Tower - Lyon, France

The first large-scale project in France to use the BACnet MSTP protocol, the InCity tower in Lyon is equipped with the Distech Controls multimeter solution for office space management. At 200 m high, the InCity tower will be the tallest tower in Lyon when it opens in October 2015, and the third tallest in France.

Why Distech Controls technology?

Our range of programmable controllers combined with the lighting and blinds extension modules, allowed us to respond perfectly to the particular demands of the project.
Distech Controls designed a simplified and scalable architecture, 100% open and interoperable, which allows controlling heating, cooling, lighting, and blinds in the same room. An optimal solution for implementing an energy control strategy, consuming less, more intelligently, while ensuring the comfort of building occupants. An efficient combination of HVAC, lighting, and blinds management within the BMS.

The modular multi-branch solution allowed the installer to prefabricate cabinets integrating, for each office, the HVAC controller, the extension box managing the blinds (24V or 230V depending on the configuration), as well as the extension box managing the lighting (dimming in 1-10V), thus offering an optimized installation!

The multi-tier solution also reduces the network infrastructure by reducing the number of BACnet MSTP routers, as there is only one BACnet device per office. The multi-business solution, Smart Room Control, is a comprehensive, modular offering for cross-management of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and blinds. An all-in-one system, constituting a single piece of equipment on the network (only one product to be parameterized), suitable for both the construction and renovation of offices.

The system consists of a desktop controller and extension modules for additional management of lights and blinds. A simple installation for integrated management of HVAC, lighting, and blinds.

Solutions installed in the building:

  •  1700 ECB-PTU controllers
  •  1700 ECx-Light modules, 1-10V
  •  1100 ECx-Blind blind modules, 24V
  •  300 ECx-Blind blind modules, 230V
  • 1900 EC-Multi-Sensors

Stakeholders :

Integrating partner: Iris Regulation

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