Torre De Palma Wine Hotel - Monforte, Alentejo, Portugal

This is a refurbishment of an old farmhouse in Alentejo. The Torre de Palma project aims to enhance the Alto Alentejo and create added value for an undiscovered region.

Why Distech Controls technology?

Present over the four main areas of the project, Distech Controls Solution provides control, monitoring, and remote access to the HVAC systems of the Hotel. Starting in the Power Plant where all the system is controlled by Distech Controls’ ECL modules, passing over the AHU’s integrated into Modbus protocol or the VRV system of the Rooms also integrated into LonWorks. We can’t forget the lighting system is also fully controlled with programmable controllers. At the top of the system, we provide to the customer 4 Touch Panel PC’s located strategically in the area to give him full control of the system everywhere he goes. Also, all the HVAC energy production/consumption is being monitored with Energy Meters to later analyze and provide future improvements.

With Distech Controls decentralized solution and multiprotocol capability, it was possible to implement a completely integrated all-in-one solution and provide the customer with a full control solution at their fingertips that allows control and monitoring of the system from anywhere.

Solutions fitted in the building:

  • 2 ECX-420
  • 4 ECL-600
  • 1 ECL-203
  • 2 ECL-403
  • 1 EC-BOS-650


Authorised System Integrator: DomeBus, Lda.

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