Representation Matters: Celebrating Rosa Peredo

September 13, 2021 Traci Holland

Rosa Peredo started working in the lighting industry after graduating from Rutgers Business School in 2014. In the last seven years, she has managed all types of technologies, from Halogen bulbs to HID horticulture to LED products. 

Rosa's experience as a Hispanic woman in corporate America has been nothing short of revolutionary. For example, when she started working in the lighting industry, she was the youngest on her Product Management team, and one of two Latinas in the entire department!

Being that young and learning the industry's ropes for the first time allowed her to see the importance of representation. She didn't see Latinas doing the type of work she was doing. Rosa was fortunate enough that her personality fit well with the company she started her lighting career with, where she felt encouraged to plant her flags and lead by example.  

"I represent a nation full of brilliant women that look like me and who deserve to be respected, counted, and heard with equality. My responsibility today, and every day as a citizen of this country, is to wear this representation with pride."  

Want to learn more about Rosa? Check out more from her interview below! 

What does Hispanic Heritage mean to you?  
“Hispanic Heritage, to me, means being aware of my Peruvian origins, feeling proud of the traditions and customs that make me rich in culture, and celebrating the differences that make up each Latin American country. To me, it's the uniqueness behind every nation states' history that makes the similarities so fulfilling and uniting.”  

How do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?  
“Ever since I was a little girl, my Dad would take me to the local city and county events that celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month in the NY/NJ Metro Area where I grew up. I've tried to keep the tradition, so the years that I can, I celebrate HHM by going to a local event, parade, festival, or concert that highlights Hispanic Heritage. I make sure I get a plate of authentic food and enjoy the music at full blast. When I don't have the opportunity to make it to an event, I make sure I spend one weekend out of the month with my family.”  

Is there a question that you never get asked but would love to answer?  
“Yes! I rarely get asked what my racial makeup is because most people don't know that almost all Latin American people are of mixed race. I am 70% Native American, 20% European, and 7% West African.”



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