Recognizing Our Safety Champions

May 17, 2022


We strive to ensure our associates have a safe and collaborative work environment through the inclusion of world class health and safety management practices in our business. Below, we recognize the associates and teams who continue to champion safety across our organization.


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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceeldoLED - Netherlands

Our eldoLED team in the Netherlands launched their new Safety Program called ‘We work LED!’. All eldoLED employees took part in the training, learned about safety principles, and organized a workplace clean-up event on Friday, April 22nd. The workplace clean-up event was executed according to the 5S method, to not only clean up the workplace but also to maintain a safe  work environment long term.


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Norma I. Escobedo, Roadway - GPF Facility, Mexico

Norma is an active multifunctional member of the search and rescue brigade since 2017; a partaker in drills, training, and safety observations. She is a role model for her commitment, responsibility, and interest so that all Acuity associates follow regulations and return home safely.


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David Martínez, Focus Factory Manager - MPF Facility, Mexico

With 24 years at Acuity, David, along with his team have achieved a total elimination of lost time injuries and a decrease of 15 low energy incidents from FY21 to FY22.  “This improvement has been achieved with the participation of all our people, in safety observations and analyses. Together with my team, we generate Security KAIZEN events to attack that area of ​​opportunity with incredible results.”A group of people posing for a photo

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Francisco Martínez, Union Representative - GPF Facility, Mexico

Francisco is the leader of the fire brigade and a member since 2006. He actively participates in safety activities, generating prevention measures, providing support in drills, training, and security observations. He stands out for motivating his teammates to maintain the safety of the entire team.


To learn more about our commitment to healthy and safety, please visit our website.

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