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September 13, 2021 Traci Holland

You’ve listened to the podcast. Now learn more about the women leading the charge in shaping sustainability efforts in the industry.

Hannah Greinetz, Sr. Manager, Customer Success, is a lifetime environmentalist and sustainability advocate. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, she developed a deep appreciation for outdoor activities and an understanding of how nature and humanity are connected. An avid surfer, mountain biker, hiker, and skier, when Hannah is not outdoors savoring the environment, she's indoors saving it.

Hannah started her career working in scrap metal which gave her tremendous insight into global systems and how they work. This work led her to the non-profit sector, where she realized that financial limitations wouldn't allow her to make a significant impact. While pursuing her MBA, Hannah worked for consulting firms and under contract for the Natural Resources Defense Council on water policy and urban sustainability projects. 

While pursuing her MBA, Hannah was an avid volunteer. Her volunteering efforts took her overseas to India, where she worked with a non-profit to bring solar power to areas without electricity. After receiving her MBA, Hannah began working in resource management at Melanie Nutter's consulting firm and then later for a renewable energy consulting firm. When Acuity Brands acquired BuildingOS in 2018, Hannah joined the team to help Acuity customers reduce their carbon footprint with more intelligent, efficient lighting in buildings.

Hannah’s work contributes significantly to Acuity’s EarthLIGHT initiative. She works across many industries, and sectors helping customers with everything from energy consumption to cost to occupant engagement and everything in between. To that end, Acuity is currently reengineering lighting products to consume less raw materials and input. The company also has a program where associates can contribute their ideas to improve energy consumption. One of those ideas is to recycle or reuse lights at the end of its lifespan.

One of Hannah’s goals is to see the for-profit world help companies achieve global, enduring sustainability results. For her, sustainability means living in balance with the systems already in motion on our planet. She believes that humans, particularly the humans at Acuity, have the resources and knowledge to accomplish just that.

Click here to listen to Hannah’s feature on the WISE Podcast Powered by Acuity Brands. 

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