Women's History Month: Illuminating Catherine Bruce

March 23, 2020

Catherine Bruce, VP of Product Marketing, has over seven years of experience of Lighting the Way at Acuity Brands. She is a fast learner and continues to thrive. We sat down with Catherine to discuss leadership and supporting women in the workforce. 

Catherine gives this advice to women. “Schedule time for yourself! Schedule time into your workday for self-education, skill development and reading about what’s going on in the world. Block your calendar if you must. No matter how old you are, you need to continue to grow and learn. And reading about non work-related topics makes for great conversation when networking.” 

Catherine believes every manager must possess a willingness to learn and adapt. “If a manager wants to be a great leader, they must be willing to learn and adapt continuously. Whether it is learning new technologies and trends in their field or adapting their communication and management style. That takes patience and the ability to listen and take feedback constructively.”

“If you’re going into a leadership position for the first time don’t assume you have all the right answers. You have a team of SMEs. Let them do what they are great at doing, so delegate, coach and advise.”

Great advice, Catherine! You continue to Light the Way for our team members, customers, and communities!

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