How Acuity Brands' Veterans are Lighting the Way

November 11, 2020 Savion Stephens

Most would say that it’s atypical for a complete stranger to perform a kind act for someone they didn’t even know. Most of us would agree that it’s completely abnormal for someone to brazenly put themselves in harm’s way for a passerby or to risk it all so that this very same someone they’d never met a day in their lives didn’t have to.

In fact, it happens every single day. The brave men and women who have dedicated their lives in service of our country have done so countless times with the goal that families throughout the United States could continue living with the hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Today is Veterans Day – a day in which we, the strangers who benefit from such sacrifices, get to say thank you to every man and woman in military service. Here at Acuity Brands we have associates from all walks of life and every military branch. This year we wanted to highlight these associates by featuring a few of our service members and their stories.

Below are just three of our many men and women who continue to utilize their skillsets across several divisions of Acuity, in order to help us better serve our unique customer base.

Associate Name: Esteban Reyna 

Department: Atrius Enterprise

Military Branch: United States Marine Corps

Military Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Length of Military Service: 10 Years

Fun Facts: 

  • I have 7 amazing children! (Ages:17,15,14,6,4,2, &1.)
  • [My] father & 2 older brothers [also] served in the military.


Associate Name: Jerome Vincent 

Department: Acuity Quotations Department

Military Branch: U.S. Navy

Military Rank: Sergeant

Length of Military Service: 10 Years

Fun Facts: 

  • I'm a die-hard UAG fan!
  • I love a good bourbon!
  • I love using a selfie-stick!



Associate Name: Joseph Robertson 
Department: Lighting Design
Military Branch: U.S. Air Force

Military Rank: Specialist 4 (E-4)

Length of Military Service: 6 Years

Fun Facts: 

  • No one can BBQ like me!

  • I love new people & places!

  • Family is essential!


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