What is the IOTA DLS Dual Voltage Jack?

October 20, 2023 Daren Hatfield

The Dual Voltage Jack is a convenient feature on IOTA DLS battery chargers. It resembles a phone jack and is located either on the side or top of the IOTA DLS charger, depending on the model.

What does the Dual Voltage Jack do?

The Dual Voltage Jack actually offers two operational functions: Manual Bulk Charging or Optional Automatic Smart Charging that adjust the output charging voltage of the DLS.

Manual Bulk Charging

IOTA DLS battery chargers include a small Dual Voltage Jack loop plug that, when inserted into the jack, initiates an increased charging voltage of the DLS. The purpose of this increased charge is to reduce overall charge time for depleted batteries. The voltage level increase will depend on the output voltage of the DLS model. Typically, for a 12-volt battery, the normal charging level is around 13.4VDC (at full load). With the Dual Voltage Plug inserted, the output of the DLS will increase to 14.2VDC. When charging is complete, the plug is removed to allow the DLS to revert to nominal charging levels. This is a manual process, so the plug must be removed to avoid over-charging and prevent water loss of the battery.

Automatic Smart Charging

IOTA offers additional automatic charging accessories that can be used with the DLS charger. These charging modules interface with the DLS by simply plugging into the Dual Voltage Jack. Unlike the manual dual voltage plug, the IQ module can remain plugged into the DLS and will automatically adjust the output voltage of the DLS as needed. There's a lot to discover regarding the advantages of IQ automatic charging accessories, so feel free to explore all of the available IQ options here.


Some Things to Note About the DLS Dual Voltage Jack

  • If the DLS Charger model includes an internal IQ charging module, then the Dual Voltage Jack is disabled. There is no need to insert either a Dual Voltage Jack module or an external IQ charging accessory into the port because the internal IQ circuitry is already engaged and monitoring the output voltage to the connected load. A DLS with an internal IQ module is identified with the suffix 'IQ4' (ie. "DLS 15A IQ4)
  • If you are using the DLS solely for power conversion purposes only - ie. to operate DC equipment such as a radio or lights - and not being used to charge a battery, then there is no need to ever use the Dual Voltage Jack. Disregard this functionality until you choose to utilize the DLS for actual battery charging purposes.
  • The Dual Voltage Jack is a standard feature on all IOTA DLS models. However, there are some legacy designs that did not include this feature. If you are using an older model of the DLS that does not include the Dual Voltage Jack, you may still be able to take advantage of some of these application features. Contact our Technical Services Team for more details.


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