Lithonia Lighting® Commercial Outdoor Discontinuations

February 7, 2024 Nikki Figura

As previously announced, in accordance with Acuity Brands® strategic initiative to fully transform our leading product portfolio to LED technology, we will discontinue the manufacture of all remaining HID luminaires from our portfolio by December 31, 2023.  As we continue to deplete inventory, certain configurations may be subject to discontinuation prior to the end of December. We will also be discontinuing legacy LED products as we continue to develop and launch new LED luminaires with advanced features and increased efficiency. 

This page will serve as an evolving list of products that have or will be discontinued for Lithonia Lighting® Commercial Outdoor. 

Please reference the Commercial Outdoor crossover guide below for the best LED alternatives. 

Product Type Series Technology Type LED Alternative Discontinuation Date
Area DSX1 MA LED DSX w/ MA Option 1/31/2024
Area KAX1 LED RSX 1/31/2024
Area KAX2 LED RSX 1/31/2024
Wall Mount KAXW LED ARC/WDGE 1/31/2024
Parking PGX LED VCPG 1/31/2024
Wall Mount TWH (w/o ALO) LED TWH w/ALO 1/31/2024
Wall Mount TWP LED TWPX 1/31/2024
Area AS1 LED DSX  12/31/2023
Wall Mount WSQ LED ARC/WDGE 12/31/2023
Wall Mount WSR LED ARC/WDGE 12/31/2023
Wall Mount ASW1 LED DSXW Nov-23
Pole Mount DSXWPM LED DSX0 Nov-23
Parking KACM LED DSXPG Nov-23
Area KAD LED RSX Nov-23
Area KAD HID RSX Nov-23
Area KADRD (Retrofit Door) LED N/A Nov-23
Area KADT LED RSX Nov-23
Wall Mount TWH HID TWX/TWR Aug-23
Wall Mount CSXW LED WDGE3 May-23
Flood TFA HID ESXF Feb-23
Flood TFL HID ESXF Feb-23
Flood TFR HID ESXF Feb-23
Area CSX1 LED RSX Jan-23
Area CSX2 LED RSX Jan-23
Flood OFLR LED ESXF Oct-22
Flood OLF LED ESXF Oct-22
Flood OLFL LED ESXF Oct-22
Flood OVFL LED HGX Oct-22
Flood OFLM HID ESXF Oct-21
Area TDD LED BGR Aug-21
Sports TSP HID HLF May-21
Sports TV HID HLF May-21
Area DSX0 VC LED RAD1 Apr-21
Area DSX1 VC LED RAD1 Apr-21
Area KSE2 HID DSX  Jan-21
Wall Mount TWP HID TWPX Nov-20
Area KSF3 HID RSX Nov-20
Area KVF2 HID DSX  Oct-20
Area KVR2 HID DSX  Oct-20
Area KSF2 HID RSX Sep-20
Area AS1 HID DSX  May-20
Flood OFLS HID ESXF May-20
Flood OFTM HID ESXF May-20
Flood OFLC HID ESXF Apr-20
Area MR2 HID RAD1 Apr-20
Wall Mount LIL LED WPX/WDGE Mar-20
Flood HFA HID ESXF Jan-20
Flood HFL HID ESXF Jan-20
Flood HFM HID ESXF Jan-20
Flood HFR HID ESXF Jan-20
Wall Mount WSQ HID ARC/WDGE Jan-20
Area KADT HID RSX Nov-19
Area KSE1 HID DSX  Nov-19
Area KSF1 HID RSX Nov-19
Area KVF1 HID DSX  Nov-19
Area KVR1 HID DSX  Nov-19
Wall Mount WSTM HID WDGE1 Oct-19
Wall Mount WSR HID ARC/WDGE Oct-19
Area TDD HID BGR Oct-19
Parking KACM HID DSXPG Oct-19
Parking PGR HID VCPG Oct-19
Flood OFL1 LED ESXF Jun-19
Flood OFL2 LED ESXF Jun-19
Flood OFL2 HID ESXF Jun-19
Wall Mount ASW1 HID DSXW Apr-19
Wall Mount ASW2 HID DSXW Apr-19
Flood ASF1 HID ESXF Feb-19
Flood ASF2 HID ESXF Feb-19
Flood 55 HID ESXF Before 2019
Flood 55V HID ESXF Before 2019
Flood HPF 170S HID ESXF Before 2019
Flood HPF 95 HID ESXF Before 2019
Area KVR3 HID DSX  Before 2019
Flood OFLD HID ESXF Before 2019
Flood TS HID ESXF Before 2019
Wall Mount WST HID WST LED Before 2019
Wall Mount WSTM LED WPX0 Before 2019

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