Explore the Benefits of IOTA® Emergency Inverters for Retail

June 24, 2024 Daren Hatfield

Emergency Inverters and Retail Space

The differences between retail spaces can vary greatly. Why is this? Because each retail space is purposely designed and tailored to provide an optimal experience that's right for the customer and occupant that it is intended to serve. From a lighting perspective, these differences are manifested in areas such as the type of lighting utilized, ceiling heights, and floor size and layout. But regardless of how they may differ, they do have one thing in common: the requirement for emergency egress lighting.

The Power of Emergency Inverter Solutions for Retail

IOTA® IIS Inverter Solutions provide a powerful means of delivering code-required egress lighting while adapting to the many unique aspects presented across varying retail spaces.

Lighting Versatility

An inverter's ability to provide AC input voltage during a loss of normal power means that most any lighting load, such as LED, fluorescent, or incandescent lighting, can be used to deliver illumination during a power loss. The luminaires will operate in the emergency mode just as they would under normal power. Decorative lighting designs in the front-of-house and more functional lighting equipment in back-of-house can all be operated from the same emergency supply. Even if the connected lighting load is a mix of different lighting technologies, the emergency inverter will operate them all.

Load Adapatability

Retails spaces can range from extensive show floors to intimate boutique-type experiences. Larger areas with more lighting would demand more emergency power whereas a smaller space would require less lighting along the paths of egress. Inverters are available in different power capacities that provide the proper amount of emergency power to match the needs of the space.

Space Consideration

Backroom and maintenance spaces can sometimes be limited in capacity. Compact footprint and wall-mounted inverter options can provide additional flexibility as opposed to floor-mounted generator alternatives.

Environmental Considerations

Battery-powered inverters are a popular solution for eliminating the noise pollution, fuel storage, and exhaust associated with generator options.

Visit our IOTA Inverter webpage to learn more about IOTA IIS Inverter Solutions for your emergency lighting needs.

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