New! IOTA® Sell Sheet for IP-Rated Emergency Drivers

February 9, 2024 Matt Pang

IOTA® has recently updated its sell sheet, presenting a specialized IP67-rated test switch for use with certain IOTA emergency LED drivers. The IPS test switch is designed to provide the physical testing functionality for the emergency driver, while also offering protection against the intrusion of moisture or debris into the fixture. This update allows for the expansion of IOTA emergency drivers into a wider range of applications, including those in wet, humid, and washdown environments that utilize enclosed and gasketed fixtures.

The IPS test switch, which is purchased separately, is used in place of the TBTS test switch provided with select IOTA emergency LED drivers. It features an LED indicator, allowing the component to serve as both a test switch and an illuminated indicator of the emergency driver charge status.

Different IOTA emergency LED drivers use different test switch components with voltage ratings specific to the driver design. Therefore, it’s crucial to select the proper voltage IPS for your emergency product. Physically, the different IPS switches appear identical, but the presence (or absence) of a colored dot on the IPS component indicates the voltage rating of the component.

The IP67 rating, established by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), ensures a degree of protection against falling dirt, hose-directed water, and the entry of water during prolonged submersion at a limited depth. It also guarantees that the enclosure will remain undamaged by the external formation of ice.

To learn more on how IOTA offers IP-rated test accessories for select emergency components:

View the IP-Rated Sell Sheet

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