Efficiency Upgrades Now Available for BLTR!

June 11, 2024 Hannah Higerd

The BLTR Relight Series by Lithonia Lighting®: 

Standard 2x4 and 1x4 now upgraded to HE+ performance -  No price adder!

We are excited to roll out some big upgrades to the BLTR Troffer Retrofit Kits! Designed to simplify your lighting upgrades, the BLTR Relight Series offers quick and easy installation into nearly any existing fluorescent troffers and parabolics, providing you with the look, feel, and performance of a full fixture replacement at a fraction of the installed cost. 

The BLTR is now packed with even more features designed to meet your lighting needs:

  • Greatly Improved Efficacy / LPW: Standard 4ft BLTR units (2x4, 1x4) now exceed LPW that used to require the more expensive “HE” option.  Better than HE performance is now standard at no increase in price.  Same or better lighting for even lower wattage!
  • Performance Ratings: Most standard 2x4 BLTRs now meet DLC Premium requirements for glare control, and the LUGR lens option is now available where even better glare control is required
  • Adjustable Lumen Settings Option: New FAOE option allows a low cost mechanical means of “dialing in” lumens and watts in increments from 100% down to 20%

And to maximize your energy savings and control, the BLTR is available with advanced wireless lighting control options to choose from:

  • SensorSwitch JOT Single-Room Lighting Controls: Simplify your lighting management with easy-to-use, wireless controls designed for single-room applications. Enjoy the convenience of motion sensing, daylight harvesting, and manual dimming to create the perfect lighting environment.
  • nLight Networked Lighting Control Options: For more comprehensive lighting management, our nLight networked controls offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Integrate your lighting system into a network, allowing for centralized control, scheduling, and energy monitoring across multiple rooms or entire buildings.

BLTR is now available in our Design Select Program which guarantees shipping for the most popular configurations within 15 days! 

Upgrade your lighting with the BLTR Relight Series and experience the perfect blend of cost-effective installation, superior performance, and advanced control options. Make the smart choice for your lighting needs and see the difference that Lithonia Lighting® can make.

For more information on the BLTR Relight Series, visit our website here


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