Lithonia Lighting® D-Series Area Luminaires - New Options Available!

February 5, 2024 Nikki Figura

Discover the enhanced features of our D-Series LED Area Luminaires, now offering innovative solutions to satisfy complex needs in application. DSX offers the means to support the Buy America(n) Act with U.S. manufacturing in addition providing a variety of Amber LED technologies. Finally, the new DSX0 Solar option, expands our D-Series line-up to support our customer's broad range of needs in the marketplace. Learn more about our commitment to compliance and sustainable solutions below.

Buy America(n)

D-Series LED Area Luminaires are available with BAA. The Lithonia Lighting® brand supports The Buy America(n) Act and backs this effort through many of our key products, including D-Series, by producing and sourcing materials in the United States. More links are below with resources to help understand The Buy America(n) Act guidance.

Amber LED

D-Series LED Area Luminaires are available with Amber LED technology. Just choose your nomenclature from our spec sheets containing both phosphor converted (AMBPC) and limited wavelength (AMBLW) amber LEDs. 

Why Amber LEDs?

D-Series Area Luminaires offer amber LEDs to fit specific regulated requirements. These projects include sea turtle nesting areas where property owners are required to use permitted amber luminaires when visible from the beach.

Star gazing regions use amber LEDs to minimize glare, reduce light trespass and lessen light pollution which is needed to be able to distinctly see the night sky.

Finally, amber luminaires comply with growing legislative requirements offering night-time friendly solutions to reduce light pollution and protect the dark sky habitat.


D-Series LED Area Size 0 is now available with Solar! 

The DSX0 area luminaire is compatible with Sol By Sunna Design’s Solar Lighting Engine. This combined package is a completely off-grid solution, eliminating the need for extensive trenching or cabling during installation. The system includes remote monitoring allowing users to receive notifications if the lights need attention. The DSX0 area luminaire combined with Sol by Sunna Design provides a complete turn-key solar lighting package including luminaire, pole, solar panels and solar engine, ensuring all system components are compatible providing a robust long-life solution. Contact the Sol By Sunna Design’s Sales Team for designing and quoting your Lithonia D-Series Solar Lighting Solution.

Email: or Call: 1-800-959-1329

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Buy America(n)

Turtle-Friendly Lighting

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