VTL Enhances Connectivity with New nLight® AIR Options!

May 21, 2018


The VT Series LED troffer by Lithonia Lighting® combines quality volumetric illumination and a sleek design. The high-performance luminaire is an exceptional value ideal for commercial offices, education, healthcare and retail applications.

VT Series—now with two nLight® AIR options—allows you even more flexibility with a simplified wireless lighting solution for projects where running wires can be expensive and time-consuming. Benefits include:

  • The ability to easily configure or reconfigure your space by adjusting the lighting to meet the needs of occupants.
  • A new, embedded rIO that provides wireless connectivity while maintaining the fixture’s streamlined design.
  • Easy pairing with other fixtures or ceiling mount sensors for additional control solutions.
  • The CLAIRITY PRO mobile app for easy start-up, configuration and modification of nLight AIR wireless controls.


What are the different options?

  • rES7 is an integrated motion and daylight sensor (PIR standard / Dual technology available). With a sensor in every fixture, designing spaces for proper occupancy coverage is simple. 
  • rIO is a more affordable wireless option when you do not need sensors. When aesthetics is key, you can achieve wireless configurability without a visible sensor on every fixture.








Helpful Tools


VTL                         Web Page | Specification Sheet | Sell Sheet

rES7                        Web Page | Specification Sheet 

rIO                          Web Page | Specification Sheet 

CLAIRITY PRO        Specification Sheet | Quick Start Guide


Learn more about nLight® AIR and the indoor, outdoor and industrial solutions.


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