Updated VCPG LED Parking Garage Luminaire

February 9, 2023 Nikki Figura


The VCPG LED luminaire with nLight AIR has been updated to reposition antenna mounting on the bottom side of the luminaire for more robust installation providing better connectivity, water resistance and is better suited for surface mount applications.

Better Connectivity

  • The antenna will have less interference from the fixture itself (as the antenna may not be positioned such that there is no metal housing between units) as well as less interference from garage infrastructure. This ensures a clear line of sight from antenna to antenna.

Better Water Resistance

  • The new placement of the antenna ensures that water will not collect on the gasket.

Better Suited for Surface Mount Applications

  • The new placement of the antenna ensures that obstructions or tight installations will not cause the antenna to be damaged during installation.
  • In addition, it's easier to install the antenna after the fixture has been installed in applications as it is on the bottom of the housing and not in a semi-hidden position from the ground.

More Robust Antenna Installation

  • A hex feature located within the door ensures proper torque from FF that will assist in ensuring proper gasket compression. 

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