Tariff? What tariff?

March 22, 2018

Contractor SelectTM TWH LED ALO made in North America.

While the prices on China-made products are going up due to tariffs, the North American made TWH LED ALO is going down by 13%, enhancing end-user payback. And with additional DLC Premium options, a new product video and available corded samples, there has never been a better time to re-introduce our best-selling LED glass wall pack.  

You never choose wrong when you choose TWH.LED.ALO wall packs:

What is Adjustable Light Output (ALO)?
One product effectively replaces any 70W to 400W HID wall pack by simply turning a dial during installation to dim to the desired lumen output.

What makes this an ideal solution for the distributor?
The distributor only has to stock one product to meet all of their customers’ needs; optimizing inventory, service levels and shelf space. Stocked in all Acuity DC’s for quick delivery.

Why is this great for the contractor?
Contractors only need to buy and carry one LED wall pack. Not only is this convenient, but they can easily adjust the light level to meet the specific needs of the site. 

Tools To Assist:

TWH Product PageSpecification SheetsSell Sheet​

TWP Product PageSpecification SheetsSell Sheet​

Contractor Select Specification Sheet | Web Page


Check out the TWH LED ALO Video!

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