The BLWP Wrap Provides Intuitive Lighting Solutions with Tunable White

The popular BLWP Wrap now features tunable white technology—an easy-to-use, plug & play platform that delivers dimming and color tuning effects at the touch of a button. Lighting can greatly affect more than basic visibility; it can also dictate our mood and our productivity within a space. With the BLWP Series Tunable White you can choose the optimal color temperature and brightness levels for a visually comfortable lighting experience throughout the day.  The tunable white solution is perfect for educational, office, retail and healthcare applications.

Mainstream Dynamic Tunable White

Mainstream Dynamic brings exciting features once reserved for niche applications into everyday lighting systems. The tunable white feature, deployed using the nLight® network, allows for the inclusion of white light into various scenes—matching the optimal light for different activities throughout the day.


Key Features

  • Available in 2-ft, 4-ft and 8-ft BLWP configurations
  • Simple plug & play installation by utilizing the nLight® network
  • Select pre-set color temperatures or adjust to any CCT in the Productivity Range 3000K-5000K
  • For even more flexibility, adjust to any CCT in the Rhythm Range 2700K-6500K
  • Optional pre-set and engraved wall pods available with 4 default settings (General, Reading, Testing and Energy)

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