nLight® AIR Emergency Auto-Exit Feature Now Available!

December 10, 2019

The nLight AIR “EM” feature provides UL924 emergency operation via power interrupt, sending that luminaire into high-trim output for 90 minutes when a loss of power is sensed.  With this latest feature enhancement, devices are able to exit the 90-minute time when a device in the same CLAIRITY™ Pro group has normal power restored.  This eliminates the possibility of “nuisance lighting” following a power outage or on initial power-on.

The firmware to support this enhancement, version 2.7.25, is now released.  All devices with the EM feature coming out of the factory will have this new feature, and any devices in the field can be updated via firmware update through CLAIRITY Pro or SensorView.  


  • Aids in achieving UL924 Compliance with override control to high-trim output
  • Prevents nuisance lighting when power is restored
  • No cost upgrade to existing customers – simply update devices via CLAIRITY Pro or Sensorview

To learn more about nLight AIR wireless controls, please contact your local lighting representative or visit the nLight systems page.

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