New nLight Emergency Solution for UL 924

On May 6, 2022, UL emergency lighting controls standards were updated. We’ve improved our EM solution for nLight AIR, so you’re ready.

The nLight AIR emergency (EM) solution delivers a lower cost of install than traditional solutions by eliminating dedicated wiring used to sense normal power.  Instead of requiring additional wiring to detect the availability of normal power or looking for a temporary loss in power to enter emergency mode, nLight AIR devices connected to normal power will now wirelessly communicate with nLight AIR EM devices to advise when normal power is available.


  • Significant Installation Cost Savings
  • Robust External Control and Embedded Control Offerings
  • UL 924 Compliant
  • Eliminates Design Complexity
  • Solutions for New Installation and Renovation

To get all the great details please visit the link below:

nLight AIR Emergency  

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