Alternate Adapters for Juno® Track Fixtures

Upgrade nearly any existing track system with quality, Juno® track fixtures. Additional adapter options are now available that provide compatibility with some of the most frequently installed non-Juno based track systems.

G-type, H-type and L-type adapters are now standard options on a broad selection of Juno track fixture series. Additionally, the standard Juno Universal Track Adapter is now UL Recognized for use on compatible competitive track systems, including the ConTech® LT Series.

These adapter options open further avenues to easy specification and installation of Juno track fixtures and unleash seemingly limitless renovation opportunities.


Alternate adapters are available on the following Juno track fixture series (see specification sheets for additional details and restrictions):
R600L        T219      T265L    T338    T393    T482    T805       TM215
R605L        T252L    T267L    T340    T395    T483    T807       TM218
T1020        T254L    T271L    T359    T397    T487    T809       TM232
T1030        T255L    T272L    T366    T403    T537    T844       TM233
T1031S      T256L    T275L    T367    T404    T538    T845       TM241
T1038        T257L    T283L    T371    T407    T5T      T846       TM245
T1040 H    T258L    T285L    T372    T408    T635    TBX         TM246
T1041 H    T259L    T292      T381    T409    T645    TM201    TM250
T1042 H    T260L    T293      T382    T431    T687    TM203    TM251
T1043 H    T261L    T294      T383    T433    T689    TM207    TM254
T209L        T262L    T295      T385    T435    T690    TM208    TM256
T218          T263L    T296      T387    T437    T691    TM209    TMBX26

Juno Track Fixtures with Alternate Adapters Sell Sheet



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