Lithonia Lighting® Emergency Lamp Head Discontinuation

October 2, 2018


Industrial emergency lamp head discontinuations effective immediately.

PAR36 lamp types H2024 (Halogen 20W/24V) and H3512S (Halogen 35W/12V) are no longer available for Indura® INDX and IND industrial emergency lights.

PAR36 lamp types N0806 (Incandescent 8W/6V) and N1212 (Incandescent 12W/12V) are no longer available for the TITAN® ELT series, ELR series (ELR2 and ELR4) and ELA NX, ELA (PAR 36) Remote Heads.                                                                                        

In addition, lamp type H3512S (Halogen 35W/12V) is no longer available for the TITAN® ELT series (12V versions), ELA MT, ELA NX, and ELA IND series.    


Outdoor emergency product discontinuation effective immediately.

The Lithonia Lighting® ELA OSL  emergency outdoor step light is no longer available. 


For alternate lamp types please review Spec Sheets:


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