How to Request PE Stamped Drawings and Wind Loading Calculations for Poles

October 23, 2023 Nikki Figura

Maybe you’re on a government job requiring a “set of PE stamps” or maybe your contractor or customer just prefers to have these for all their jobs. Upon request, you may wonder, what is a PE stamp?

But first, what is a PE? A Professional Engineer (PE) is an engineer, who has completed a 4-year degree (often in mechanical or civil engineering), apprenticed under another PE, and passed competency exams to become a licensed Professional Engineer. In the context of poles, they approve a set of pole drawings and wind load calculations by signature and stamp ensuring your pole will perform as intended and that it meets all state and local requirements or design criteria.

Obtaining this PE stamp set is a service that Acuity Brands offers for aluminum and steel poles. Here is how to make this request as well as an FAQ around the process. 
PE Stamp FAQ and Process

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