Gotham® EVO 4” and 6” Cylinders now available with nTune® & WarmDim

June 23, 2020 Lily Valencia








Available with 0-10V, DALI, and nTune, choose the Tunable White feature for the inclusion of white light into various scenes – matching the optimal light for different activities. When nLight controls are added with nTune, control lighting color temperature on the same network, manage motion detection, daylight harvesting, and dimming.  The Tunable White feature includes two ranges: Rhythm range (2700K-6500K) and Productivity range (3000K-5000K).

Or choose the WarmDim feature to control your dimming preferences with a Halogen range (3000K-1800K). Either feature allows your customers to build a system of controls with Gotham® 4” and 6” Cylinders that work seamlessly together. 

Cylinders now available with nTune® & WarmDim:

EVO4SC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4PC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4CC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4WC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4WTRC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6SC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6PC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6CC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6WC: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6WTRC: Product Page | Spec Sheet


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