ENVEX is Now ISO 5-9 Rated

December 6, 2021 Kendall Pavey

Looking for lighting in your next cleanroom project? ENVEX is now ISO 5-9 rated, meaning it complies with the stringent standards of cleanliness required in applications like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and other industries where contamination would ruin products or harm people. 

What is ISO 5-9 Rating?

The International Standards Organization (ISO) 14644-1 and Federal Standard 209E are two sets of standards that are commonly used to classify cleanrooms. ISO cleanroom classifications are rated ISO 1 through ISO 9 according to how much particulate of specific sizes exist in a cubic meter. The lower the ISO rating, the cleaner the cleanroom. Similarly, Federal Standard 209E rates cleanrooms from Class 1 to Class 100,000. The lower the Class rating, the cleaner the cleanroom. For reference, the ENVEX is classified as ISO 5-9 which is also equivalent to Class 100. See chart below for cleanroom classifications

What does this mean for ENVEX?

  • Every configuration is in accordance with ISO 14644-1, making ENVEX suitable for ISO Class 5-9 positive and negative pressure cleanrooms. 
  • ENVEX continues to have a timeless design, embedded controls capabilities and provide a high quality of light! 


ENVEX Family Page 

ENVEX Product Detail Page 

ENVEX Spec Sheet 

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