Tech Brief: Activating/Deactivating Automatic Self-Testing on the ILBLP CP07

December 28, 2023 Matt Pang

Did you know you can disable the Self-Diagnostics feature on the ILBLP CP07 Emergency Driver?

The IOTA® ILBLP CP07 Emergency Driver delivers 7 watts of emergency power to Class 2 LED luminaires. In the event of a loss of normal power, the ILBLP CP07 enables the designated fixture to provide egress illumination to help meet Life Safety Code requirements.

The ILBLP CP07 also includes optional automatic monthly and annual self-diagnostics. The self-diagnostic feature means the ILBLP CP07 will invoke an automatic 30-second discharge test monthly and a 90-minute discharge test within a 12-month period, regardless of ON/OFF status of the luminaire. The schedule of the test is based on algorithmic programming at the time of manufacture and will vary from unit to unit. Even though testing is automated for the ILBLP CP07, manual testing can be initiated at any time by pressing and holding the TBTS.

The self-diagnostic capability of the ILBLP CP07 is automatically active when shipped, but can be manually disabled if desired. Since the designated emergency fixture will illuminate during emergency testing, some applications may benefit from disabling the feature to avoid the testing sequence occurring at unwanted times.

Learn more in our Technical Brief on disabling the Self-Diagnostics feature.

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