CDS Series from Lithonia Lighting® is the most-economical DLC Listed Strip Light!

August 21, 2018 Heather Nemeth

The reasons why you would choose the CDS strip light

The Lithonia Lighting® CDS LED strip light is designed and priced to be a one-for-one replacement of 1-, 2-, or 4-lamp fluorescent strip lights with up to 9,000 lumens for your retail, warehouse and office applications.

Stock and Distribution - Perfect for Everyday Stock and Distribution

  • 3500K and 4000K on Contractor Select!
  • Eleven options DLC Listed and have 0-10V Dimming

Specification - Only the most basic options available

  • 3 lengths available (2-foot, 4-foot and 8-foot
  • MVOLT and 347V standard
  • 35K, 40K and 50K
  • 80 or 90 CRI
  • PLR plug-and-play wiring optional

High Quality Components

  • Projected usable life of 80,000 hours
  • 2.5kV surge protection built-in
  • Lithonia Lighting® quality and functionality at a bargain price point

CDS Series  is the most-economical DLC Listed Strip Light from Lithonia Lighting®!

Helpful Tools:

CDS           Web Page | Specification Sheet | Sell Sheet

Contractor Select Materials: Web Page | Select Sheet

Lithonia Lighting® LED strip lights are versatile, ultra-efficient LED lighting solution that meet the challenges of industrial, retail, warehousing and task lighting applications. Engineered to deliver higher lumens while saving energy. Multiple lengths, lenses and mounting options allows for control in approved applications whether it be for performance, aesthetics or the newest technology.

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