New Juno AI™

Launch Date: November 18, 2019

Meet Juno AI™, a portfolio of lighting devices that form the “backbone” of your smart and connected space.  Our flagship product – Juno AI Speaker Light with Alexa Built-In – is an advanced LED downlight that features a JBL® speaker and Amazon Alexa voice service in a single patent pending ceiling light fixture. It’s a 6” downlight, but much, much more. Juno AI takes advantage of the most ideal location in the home – the ceiling – to create a smart ecosystem.  It can control any smart home device that works with Alexa.  No hub required.  It not only illuminates a room, but also locks the doors, adjusts your thermostat, tells your family dinner is ready, runs the vacuum, reads you a book, dims the lights, plays music through its premium speakers, and sets the mood through controllable lighting… the list is endless.

The Juno AI portfolio includes; a Downlight and a Speaker Light that work with Alexa, and a Speaker Light with Alexa Built-In.  They are perfect to retrofit into existing 6” downlight cans or new construction and remodel applications.  These all-in-one modules are IC-rated and certified to high efficacy requirements of California T24. 


Features include:

• Tunable Color temperature from 2700K to 5000K offer excellent color rendering with 90 CRI minimum.

• Dims down to 1%.

• Output delivering up to 1000 lumens.

• Control your privacy by muting or just turn it off completely with the flick of a switch.

• LED downlight trim styles offered in baffle or cone in white, clear, clear haze, wheat haze and black finishes

• Can install within minutes.  No special skills required.


Quick Links:

Juno AI Website

Juno AI Product Page

Juno AI Builder Brochure

Juno AI Consumer Brochure

Juno AI Spec Sheet

Juno AI Product Video

Juno AI Install Video

Juno AI Set-Up Video

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