Juno® J6SLC Smart Speaker Downlight

November 6, 2023 Ciara Gunnin

Smart Speaker Downlight with RGBW 

Recessed Downlight with an Integrated Bluetooth® - Enabled Speaker 

The J6SLC LED Smart Speaker Downlight with RGBW color changing functionality is the perfect way to get connected with a smart home lighting solution. Using Bluetooth® or Zigbee, the J6SLC can be controlled either via voice command or via app. Compatible apps and smart home hubs include: Amazon® Alexa, Samsung® SmartThings, and Google Home platforms. Once installed and paired, the J6SLC provides endless customization options for easy lighting control. Customization options include: changing lighting from on/off, setting desired color temperatures from soft white, 2700K to daylight, 5000K or choosing from a full color spectrum of RGB color options to set the mood. Plus, dimmable down to 1% (perfect for use as a nightlight). The J6SLC doesn't stop with lighting though, for more entertainment, we have included an integrated Bluetooth®- enabled speaker inside the downlight that allows music to cast and play from any app, Spotify, Pandora, etc.  


  • Smart Home Lighting Control - Control lighting via voice command or via app. 
  • Smart Home Lighting Customization - Customize lighting from on/off, change color temperatures (2700K to 5000K), or RGB for full color spectrum options, dimming down to 1%, and grouping options to control and entire lighting application at once. 
  • Entertainment - Integrated Bluetooth®- enabled speaker inside the downlight that allows music to cast and play from any app, Spotify, Pandora, etc.  
  • Personalization - Control lighting fixtures individually or create groups using a simple app. Wirelessly pair up to 12 speaker downlights. 
  • Easy Set-up with or without a Hub - Via Bluetooth® or Zigbee pair to the most popular platforms: Amazon® Alexa, Samsung® SmartThings, or Google Home. When setup with a hub, control/monitor lighting from anywhere with your app. 
  • Easy Installation - All-in-one design where electronics are integrated into trim to replace the traditional existing lamp + trim. 
  • Wet Location - Perfect for showers, bathrooms, and outdoor patios, eaves, or soffits and for use with housings installed in direct contact with insulation. 

The J6SLC Smart Speaker Light pairs perfectly with the
(QC) Quick Connect Housing by Juno® for a low-cost LED downlight solution.


J6SLC Product Page

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Quick Start Guide 

How to Videos - Add Speaker Light to SmartThings | Update Firmware | Create Speaker Group

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