New FMLR Round & FMLSQ Square Flush Mounts

August 28, 2023 Ciara Gunnin

Multi-Functional, Low Cost, Easy Installation

The 11" FMLR Round and the 15" FMLSQ Square Indoor Flush Mounts provide a modern aesthetic, at a low cost, with an easy installation. They ship as matte white, but include a black interchangeable trim in the package to bring a design element to match any desired aesthetic. Additionally, they feature a switch directly on the product that allows you to choose your desired color temperature. To customize color temperature, during install, simply toggle the switch to choose between 2700K (Soft White) up to 5000K (Daylight). In addition, the FMLSQ doubles as a nightlight solution. Perfect for those areas that need a little extra light at night. Both the FMLR and FMLSQ are ideal for foyers, hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, stairways, utility rooms and others.

  •  Easy Installation - Easily installs directly into new or existing industry standard junction boxes.
  • Multi-Functional - Features a switch that allows you to choose color temperatures. Choose between 2700K (Soft White) up to 5000K (Daylight), dimming down to 10%, plus the black interchangeable trim ring. 
  • Nightlight Mode (FMLSQ Only) - Doubles as nightlight when simply toggling the light switch on the wall.


FMLR Round Product Page |  CS Spec Sheet | Sell Sheet 

FMLSQ Square Product Page | Spec Sheet | Sell Sheet 

FMLR Round & FMLSQ Square Combined Sell Sheet 

Feature Benefit Video 

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