New All-In-One Juno® 2in Canless Wafer Downlight Solutions

April 8, 2024 Ciara Gunnin

2in Canless Wafer Downlights have an innovative, slim design that installs quickly and easily into ceiling spaces where most traditional recessed housings do not, no housing required to install. These miniature Wafer downlights provide an all-in-one design featuring switchable white color temperature and adjustable lumen output technology making them perfect for accent, task or general downlighting applications. This technology gives distributors, contractors, and homeowners the ultimate in flexibility by providing the equivalent of 15 static fixtures in one.



Product Page 

2in Flat Canless Wafer Spec Sheet

2in Deep Regressed Canless Wafer Spec Sheet

2in Sell Sheet | 4in & 6in Sell Sheet

2in Feature Benefit Video 

Canless Portfolio Quick Guide 

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