JFX LED Tapelight by Juno®

September 22, 2022 Ciara Gunnin



JFX LED Tapelight 

The Juno® JFX LED Tapelight is the perfect solution for any residential, light commercial and hospitality applications. Whether you need general ambient lighting or functional task lighting, the JFX Series has you covered. Its compact, flexible design allows it to fit into the smallest of spaces and bend, curve and run the length of any setting. Its adhesive backing allows for it to be installed virtually anywhere, indoors and out. Ideal for residential spaces such as: kitchens, living rooms, and basements, as well as retail, entertainment, and light commercial settings.  


Lengths - Available in either 16.4ft or 100ft reels, or custom cut from the factory. 

Customize - Cut tapelight in increments of 4" with our 200LM version or 2" with our 100LM and 300LM versions to fit the space you need. 

Pixelization Control - Up to 36 LEDS per foot to aid in glare reduction while still processing high uniformity light output within a space. 

IP Rated - To endure all environmental elements, damp location listing or wet location listing variations are available.


Maximize Value by Adding a Channel - Create a professional installation to enhance light uniformity while protecting against elements and reducing maintenance. 



Set the Mood with RGBW - Amp up any space to the color of your choosing for entertainment or visual centric spaces, such as: bar areas, basements, bed rooms, etc. Up to 16M color options available




JFX Product Page | Spec Sheet

Contractor SelectTM JFX Product Page | Spec Sheet


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