Juno® 2" & 4" Chicago Plenum LED Recessed

Launch Date: February 25, 2019

Juno® 2” and 4” LED Downlights & Adjustables are now available with a Chicago Plenum option to meet City of Chicago Environmental Air (CCEA) regulations. 

4” New Construction Chicago Plenum models include:

IC1LED 4” IC-Rated LED Downlights 600lm and 900lm

IC1ALED 4” LED Recessed Gimbals 600lm

IC4AL 4” IC-Rated Internally Adjustable LED Downlights 700lm and 1000lm

TC4AL 4” TC-Rated Internally Adjustable LED Downlight 1000lm


These 4” LED downlights and adjustables have the Chicago Plenum option integrated directly into the downlight design and are available by ordering the “CP” nomenclature as part of the nomenclature ordering line.

2” New Construction Chicago Plenum models include the new 2CPNC Series, which is a housing, driver and trim module combined into one fixture.  It is available in round and square, downlight baffle and cone, adjustable and square models.  The 2CPNC is available with Patented Real Nail® 3 telescoping bar hangers, requires 2’ x 8’ construction, and can be used with spray foam insulation applications. 

Two additional accessories for the 2” LED series are also available as a part of this launch. The 2NCHSG New Construction Housing can be used with the Juno 2-inch LED Gen 2 trim modules, requires 2 x 8 construction and can be used with spray foam insulation.  The 2DTCA Drop Tile Ceiling Adapter can be used to create a smooth installation into a drop tile ceiling.

Explore the 'Quick Links' below for each series of Juno Recessed 2” & 4” LED Downlights and Adjustables that now offer Chicago Plenum.


Quick Links:

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