Introducing the NEW T382L (GEN 2) Vertical Cylinder from Juno: Powerful, Pivotal Illumination

November 17, 2020 Joseph Bonasera

Launch Date, 11/17/20

NEW T382L G2 Trac-Master® Vertical Cylinder from Juno. Now with up to over 1800 lumens and consuming only 17 watts, this cylinder track fixture is all about precision performance. With 360° of rotation and greater than 90° vertical aiming, the T382L G2 is ideal for retail, commercial or hospitality lighting applications; it also delivers a brilliant, color-consistent light that is 36% more efficient than the previous generation. An assortment of accessory optics and light control accessories provide the ability to customize beam patterns and lighting effects to enhance most any current and future lighting design. And, of course, the new T382L G2 can be assembled with a variety of different track adapters, enabling it to be installed on most competitive line voltage track systems.


Product features include:

• Classic, elegant design compliments any décor

• Side-mount vertical driver housing minimizes overall fixture footprint

• 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K white phosphor high performance LEDs

• 80 CRI minimum standard; optional high CRI versions offer 90 CRI minimum

• Optional SpectralWhite color/white enhancing versions render colors richly and make whites appear naturally brilliant

• Interchangeable custom TIR optics available in four factory-configured beam spreads: spot, narrow flood, flood and wide flood

• Integral bayonet-mount accessory holder accommodates one accessory if desired

• Delivers 70% minimum average lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours operating life

• Dimmable using high quality, factory-approved reverse phase ELV dimmers – see specification sheets for compatible dimmers

• Available in black, white or silver finishes

• 5-year warranty from date of purchase


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T382L G2 1800lm LED Vertical Cylinder (Gen 2)

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