Update: Juno® Trac-Master™ Wall-Wash Fixtures

Juno Trac-Master LED wall-wash/flood fixtures provide exceptionally smooth, uniform illumination for this display at the Johnny Cash Museum, Nashville, TN.


The Juno offering of LED wall-wash/flood fixtures for line-voltage track has been broadened with the introduction of the T258L/T259L/T260L models. These new fixtures join the popular T256L and T257L models, creating one of the industry’s most advanced lines of LED wall-wash/flood track products. The ultra-efficient, highly affordable fixtures offer efficacies as high as 128 lumens per watt, while producing up to nearly 6,000 lumens from the 55-watt version and up to nearly 2,600 lumens from the 20-watt version. They consume less energy than similar CMH fixtures, and with a rated service life of 50,000 hours, they last about four times longer.


A versatile, high-performance family

The new T258L/T259L/T260L fixtures are available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K color temperatures with standard 80+ CRI, optional high-CRI of 90+ or 97+. They feature unique, narrow-profile housings that integrate perfectly with Juno LED track spotlights and employ custom hyperbolic reflectors that provide exceptionally smooth, wide beams of light. The LED drivers are incorporated into separate, slim-line housings behind the LEDs, cleverly minimizing the overall fixture footprint.


An assortment of light-control accessories can be added in the field for maximum visual comfort. 



Juno Trac-Master™ T258L, 20W LED Wall Wash Fixture
Juno Trac-Master™ T259L, 41W LED Wall Wash Fixture
Juno Trac-Master™ T260L, 55W LED Wall Wash Fixture
Juno Trac-Master™ Wall-Wash Fixtures Brochure



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