Product Update - D-Series Area Luminaires

August 25, 2017 Tom Pierce

Launch Date: Aug 25, 2017

D-Series Area Luminaires Upgrade –
Now up to 51,000 lumens!

The flagship D-Series Area LED luminaires have been upgraded with next-generation LED’s; increasing the range in lumen output and lowering the cost per lumen.  These new LED’s have excellent LPW, allowing us to leap-frog the likes of the Cooper Galleon… beating them by over 10% in this regard.

With this improved efficacy, many D-Series configurations now qualify for rebates with DLC Premium status, lowering the initial cost of projects. In many cases the boost in lumens will allow the use of the-next-size-down of D-Series, further reducing cost and improving competitiveness.  These improvements, along with its wide range of optical distributions make the D-Series the specifier’s choice for the best in outdoor area lighting.


Feature Summary:

  • Over 30% more light with new, high-output performance packages achieving over 51,000 lumens!
  • Over 10% improved efficacy in most every configuration, reaching up to 144 LPW.
  • Already have enough light?  Move down to the next smaller housing size or reduce LED count to save even more money!
  • Most configurations are DLC or DLC Premium qualified to maximize rebate opportunities!

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