Outdoor Area Luminaires now with XVOLT Driver Option

November 24, 2020 Jeri Lee Fraga

The XVOLT driver is now available in the Lithonia Lighting® D-Series and RSX Area Luminaires.

Selecting luminaires with the wrong voltage is a costly mistake, with no easy or quick remedies. This can be avoided by selecting the new XVOLT (277-480V) driver option any time you are unsure of the voltage on a renovation site. The small cost premium of the XVOLT driver is worth the peace of mind and assurance that the project will be completed on time and on budget. The robust XVOLT driver is also ideal for sites that may be more prone to power quality issues which occur mostly in the form of electrical surges and dropped neutral conditions. Tell your energy retrofit customers about this new option for both the D-Series and RSX LED area lighting luminaires.

When ordering, specify the following options:

  • MVOLT (120V – 277V)
  • HVOLT (347V – 480V)
  • XVOLT (277V – 480V)

Spec sheets have been updated.  Please see Quick Links below for more information. 

Quick Links

DSX0  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet
DSX1  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet
DSX2  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet

RSX1  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet
RSX2  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet
RSX3  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet
RSX4  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet

Contact your local Acuity Brands Representative for more information!

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