HLF1 & HLF2 LED Floodlight Upgrade

December 23, 2019 Jeri Lee Fraga

The HLF LED high-lumen floodlights just got a major overhaul: more lumens, less weight, improved mounting, and higher efficacy. The HLF2 delivers more than 100,000 lumens for high mounting heights and applications that require greater illumination. The HLF1, with 50,000 lumens, is now a cost-effective 1000W MH replacement solution. A smaller driver compartment provides significant weight reduction.

Both HLF1 and HLF2 now offer the industry’s best adjustable slipfitter, including features that allow fast and easy installation

The HLF high-lumen floodlights can replace 400W to 1500W metal halide floodlights with ease. Their hybrid silicon optics provide vast design capabilities while delivering significant energy savings and long life.

Offering six unique distributions, including wide and narrow beam patterns, HLF floodlights accommodate the flexibility for both renovation and new construction requirements, meeting even the most demanding application needs.

Made in North America, HLF LED floodlights have quick and reliable delivery of any configuration.

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HLF1  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet

HLF2  Product Page & Photometry | Specification Sheet

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Product Presentation

For more information, please contact our Product Manager:
Bill Budzileni | (770) 596-0438 | Bill.Budzileni@AcuityBrands.com

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