How to Create a Comfortable Workspace with Linear Lighting

Today’s employees have more workplace demands than ever before – checking emails, answering phone calls, providing presentations, reviewing insights, creating new ideas, collaborating with others. With multiple tasks filling each day, lighting needs to accommodate for these multiple functions. And let’s be honest: our workdays are getting longer. So, lighting needs to also provide a sense of comfort to get us through the day.

While many offices use large volume lighting to create a bold statement and fill their spaces, linear lighting can create not only a bold statement, but a subtle accent. Linear lighting is more flexible, delivering functional uses and aesthetics. Try 3 easy ways to create a comfortable workspace with linear lighting.

  1. Mimic natural lighting with Tunable White

Optimizing the amount of natural light in an office improves health and wellness. And one study from Cornell University found an 84% drop in symptoms of eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision, which can detract from productivity. The result? Natural light improves productivity.

But not every office can balance how much natural light comes into a space, while keeping employees comfortable. Uncontrolled sunlight creates unwanted glare on computer screens and raises the office temperature. Dynamic glass that intelligently tints to control glare and heat can be an option, but another solution is Tunable White.

Tunable White fosters a sense of the passage of time, reproducing natural light patterns and colors. It enables the creation of scenes and modes that can be aligned with key activities that require occupants to be more focused, relaxed or energetic. Think collaborative spaces, conference rooms – or even in an open office environment. Both SLOT Recessed and SLOT PSW from Mark Architectural Lighting™ feature Tunable White in various sized apertures to deliver optimal lighting in your space.

  1. Create visual interest with distributions

Workplaces can only keep employees engaged for so long with desks and chairs. Interior décor, including textiles, artwork and lighting are critical for creating a creative, vibrant atmosphere. Precise lighting distributions highlight architectural features or showcase key spaces in an office setting, delivering optimized light where it is needed. SLOT PSW offers five distributions – asymmetric, batwing, Lambertian, wall graze and wall wash – for controlled, striation-free, uniform light.

  1. Control energy usage with nLight® or nLight® AIR

From thermostats to security cameras, many day-to-day gadgets offer a degree of control, and lighting is no exception. What’s the biggest reason offices want controllability? Energy savings. From rent to occupancy fees, the cost of running a business is only increasing. Controlling a lighting solution’s usage saves energy and money, plus offers a greater degree of comfort for occupants because networked control solutions such as nLight or nLight AIR in the Slot family can scale from one room to an entire campus.

From Tunable White to networked controls, multiple features of a linear lighting solutions can create a comfortable environment for your next office project. See what solution from Mark Architectural Lighting works for you.

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