Mark Architectural Lighting Honored with 2023 LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award

May 24, 2023 Scott Bailey

Atlanta, GA, May 23, 2023 – Mark Architectural Lighting (, an established leader in architectural lighting solutions, announced today that its SLOT 1 linear platform was recognized for performance, reliability, efficiency, ease of use, and innovation with an LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award.

A powerful solution with a compact design, Slot 1 from Mark Architectural Lighting is a linear luminaire that delivers up to 935 LMF direct and up to 1275 LMF indirect. Distributions options allow designers to project light in various dimensions. In addition to the batwing, Lambertian, wallwash, and wall graze, SLOT 1 is available with asymmetric direct and indirect distributions.  Additionally, luminaires are now available with expanded lumen packages, starting at just 200 LMF direct and 400 LFM indirect.

“On behalf of the LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards panel, I would like to congratulate Mark Architectural Lighting on their high-scoring honoree status,” said LEDs Magazine Editorial Director Wanda Lau. “This competitive program allows LEDs Magazine to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products of the past year that are advancing LED and solid-state lighting technology into various applications.”

Slot 1 is offered in pendant, surface, wall, and recessed mounting styles, and when paired with our standard elbows, crosses, and tees, can be combined to configure a multitude of shapes and forms. SLOT 1 can be specified in 1-inch increments for wall and recessed applications allowing greater flexibility for designers seeking more intricate patterns.

SLOT 1 will be featured, with all 2023 Brightstar Award honorees, in the July/August issue of LEDs Magazine.

Additional information about SLOT 1 is available here.

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